Ballou Senior High School

GC/CM: HESS Construction

Tonnage: 2269

Location: Washington, DC

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Structural Steel

Crystal Steel met bi-weekly with design team members on this "design assist" project to identify Value Engineering opportunities and strategies to streamline fabrication, improve constructability and accelerate schedule. The design features significant truss work and leans heavily of Crystal Steel’s technology team to support the fast-track BIM process.

Bennett Middle School

GC/CM: Whiting-Turner

Tonnage: 998

Location: Fruitland, MD

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Structural Steel

Architecturally interesting hips and valley roof, originally designed with 400-500 field welded moment connections. Crystal Steel proposed substituting bolted moment connections as a value engineering concept to help drive the project schedule.

Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech

GC/CM: Holder Construction

Location: Blacksburg, Virginia

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Ornamental Metals

This job balances conflicting requirements for high end finishes which needed to be beautiful, yet integrate with the acoustic performance of the building and be structurally solid enough to withstand years of wear and tear by crowds of attendees at performances.

Dunbar High School

GC/CM: Smoot/Gilbane

Location: Washington, DC

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Structural Steel

$122 million development of a new multi-story public school building with theater and sports facilities. Perimeter walls mostly made of glass panels to bring a light, airy feel to replace the previously dark, imposing structure. The old building was demolished to make way for the new state of the art stadium and athletic field.

Heights Middle School

GC/CM: Bovis Lend Lease

Tonnage: 850

Location: Jersey City, N.J

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Structural Steel

Extensive Middle School built by the NJ School Construction Corporation represented by URS. Provided structural steel, miscellaneous metals, value engineering design input and union erection.

Matapeake Middle School

GC/CM: CAM Construction

Tonnage: 923

Location: Kent Island, MD

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Structural Steel

Large Middle School on Kent Island, MD for Anne Arundel County Public Schools including soaring entryways with peaked ceilings.


GC/CM: HESS Construction

Location: Manassas, Virginia

Provided Services: Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Metals

Northern Virginia Community College, Academic Building Phase III is a three-story building composed of Computer-based Laboratories, Lecture rooms, Biology laboratories, a combined Electronics and Engineering laboratory, an Art Studio as well as Faculty and Staff Offices.

Princeton University - Chemistry

GC/CM: Turner Construction

Location: Princeton, NJ

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals

Housed within a significant structure, three new ornamental stair towers were added to the outside, enclosed in glass while two additional stair towers inside were adorned with light wells for a striking experience.

Salisbury University Commons Dining Hall

GC/CM: Holder Construction

Tonnage: 1200 tons

Location: Salisbury, MD

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Structural Steel

"The Commons" includes Dining Hall and Student Center spaces open to all students, faculty, staff and guests under soaring ceilings and a domed roof.

Salisbury University TETC

GC/CM: Holder Construction

Tonnage: 1550

Location: Salisbury, MD

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Structural Steel

Teacher Education and Technical Center is a showcase for education in the mid-Atlantic region. The building has 165,000 square feet, 3 stories plus mechanical mezzanine, classrooms, breakout rooms, labs, faculty offices, a TV studio, telecom/data rooms, and food service area.


GC/CM: Holder Construction

Tonnage: 1200

Location: Princess Anne, MD

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Structural Steel

Engineering and Aviation Science Building for University of Maryland - Eastern Shore Campus. Huge atrium with Architecturally exposed steel, stainless steel rails, and 6" deep vaulted Epic decking designed with HSS support to span 20'.

Woodson High School

GC/CM:Hess Construction

Tonnage: 1356

Location: Washington, DC

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Structural Steel, Ornamental Metals

The 235,000-sq-ft replacement school in Washington, D.C. was designed to accommodate a curriculum based on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Facilities within the building include a proscenium theater, a natatorium, two gymnasiums and a media center with a television studio.

Designed to achieve LEED-Gold certification, its sustainable features include a 40,000 square foot green roof, rainwater harvesting system, high-performance glazing, super-insulated perimeter envelope, automated lighting controls, water-conserving plumbing fixtures and materials that emit low-volatile organic compounds.