VW Banner 2Crystal Steel Fabricators Philippines Inc. in Victoria Wave was established in 2009 in order to meet growing demands for extremely labor-intensive miscellaneous and ornamental metal products in the US.  For a limited set of products, the labor required to meet the required quality levels at US prices would lead to numbers too high to be acceptable.  So Crystal Steel Philippines, using its knowledge and experience both in Miscellaneous and Ornamental Fabrication and doing business from between the Philippines and the US, built the Victoria Wave solution.

Crystal Steel Fabricators Philippines - Victoria Wave accepts structural steel, miscellaneous and ornamental metals projects both from international and local clients. Like all Crystal Steel Philippines operations, it is managed by US-born/Philippines-based executives with extensive steel industry experience, as well as Philippine-born managers who ensure that staff and local regulatory compliance needs are fully met.  For example, CSFP-VW is a PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) registered Ecozone Export Enterprise whose management is overseen J. Michael Smith, the President of Crystal Metalworks, and 40 year veteran of the US miscellaneous metals and ornamental fabrication market.  Although situated in the Philippines, CSFP-VW recognizes the importance of doing business in the way its clients expect, meeting deadlines, quality levels, and certifications standards to deliver the right products, on time, at a reasonable cost.

CSFP-VW’s fabrication shop has six (6) office staff, twenty two (22) highly trained craftsmen including certified welders for TIG, MIG and GMAW as well as thirty two (32) on-call fabricators. The company has can deliver quality shop drawings, on time through its close coordination with Crystal Steel Philippines which develops detailed shop drawings, estimating, purchasing and engineering at its Head Office in Ortigas Center.

The CSFP-VW shop is 14,500 sq. ft. and can produce 150 metric tons of carbon steel and 15 metric tons of ornamental stainless steel per month.  The shop is equipped with a 10 ton overhead crane and forklift to enhance mobility and assembly processes during fabrication. The shop includes an enclosed painting works to protect painting jobs from contaminants and foreign debris. Stainless steel fabrication is separately enclosed in a clean area to process stainless steel and avoid carbon steel contamination during fabrication.

CSFP-VW is branching out to serve customers in Asia and the Middle East to enhance its production volume, increase capacities, to be more competitive and take on larger projects. Crystal Steel wants to be the vendor of choice for projects anywhere in the globe.