Children's National Medical Center

GC/CM: Gilbane

Location: Washington, DC

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Structural Steel

Added a fifth and sixth floor on top of an existing four-story structure. The hospital continued normal operations throughout the construction process requiring tight coordination with the GC and mainenance of the highest safety standards and clear access at all times.

Meritus Medical Center

GC/CM: Gilbane

Tonnage: 3200

Location: Hagerstown, MD

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Structural Steel

14 building hospital campus which is the new center of healthcare delivery serving an entire county. The campus houses a respected regional trauma center, a cardiac catheterization lab, the nationally-recognized Center for Joint Replacement, the John R. Marsh Cancer Center, and Center for Breast Health.

Novartis Building 2 and 3

GC/CM: Turner Construction Company

Location: East Hanover, NJ

Provided Services: Miscellaneous Metals, Ornamental Metals

This project required four cantilevered main stairways with curved landings in addition to two stair towers with railings. Stainless steel trim around doorways, custom fabricated free standing stainless vanity systems for bathrooms, rooftop framing, screening and a trellice rounded out the key Misc and Ornamental elements.