Andrews Air Force Base - Ambulatory Care Center

GC/CM: Manhattan Construction / Hunt Construction JV

Tonnage: 2800

Location:  Marlboro, MD

Provided Services: Structural Steel

Complex of buildings including both new construction and renovation of existing structures. Interesting architectural feautres include bowstring joists supporting curved roofs.

Francis Gregory Library

GC/CM: HESS Construction

Location:  Washington, DC

Provided Services: Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Metals

Imagine a building made of glass on three sides with a steel building inside. Cantilevered steel design makes it appear that the glass exterior is the structural support. As part of the project, Crystal Steel installed a custom fabricated, Aluminum canopy that includes 15,000 stainless steel bolts.

Fort Belvoir - Medical Complex

GC/CM: Gilbane/Turner

Location:  Washington, DC

Provided Services: Ornamental Metals

Took over job in mid-stream to fabricate and install two stair towers and grand stair. All three ornamental stairs were installed after the main structure was complete. Removed existing stringers and reworked to accommodate design revisions. Reinstalled including precast terrazo treads. Fabricated stainless steel handrail system to match existing. Protection of existing work was critical to project success while installing required special rigging, special handling and special planning/coordination with GC.

Montgomery County District Courthouse

GC/CM: Coakley Williams Construction

Tonnage: 1900

Location:  Rockville, MD

Provided Services: Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Metals, Ornamental Metals

This mid-rise (7-8 floors) Government building includes an architecturally interesting curved glass façade.

Silver Spring Library

GC/CM: Costello Construction Company

Tonnage: 860

Location:  Silver Spring, MD

Provided Services: Structural Steel

When they needed a fabricator who could handle a complex and interesting structure, The Town of Silver Spring turned to Crystal Steel. The structure of the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors hangs from roof level trusses as if hanging from the sky. The trusses are partially exposed, requiring them to be welded and ground smooth. These 20 foot deep, 40,000 – 60,000 pound trusses are being shop fabricated and shipped to the jobsite as super-sized loads where they will be slipped into place by crane.

Virginia State Capitol

GC/CM: Gilbane/Christman

Location:  Richmond, VA

Provided Services: Structural Steel, Miscellaneous Metals, Ornamental Metals

The Historic Virginia State Capitol, designed by Thomas Jefferson, was completely renovated including the addition of an underground visitors center and office complex. The Commonwealth of VA was represented by URS. Crystal Steel's work was featured in Virginia Architect's Magazine as well as winning an award from Gilbane Building Co.