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Project Manager 1

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

1. Establishes and implements daily reporting of project completion and current scheduling projections to the VP for Production (SVP). Working with the SVP based on these reports, the Project Manager 1 will help establish criteria and conflict resolution between competing schedules;

2. Employs Productivity Reporting/Project Report currently in place to ensure accurate time frames for project completion, and individual project profitability. Have a thorough working knowledge of Project Budget, Project Schedules, Project Scope, Project Information including Contract Documents, Specs, Fabricator Standards, etc, and Production Project Flow and Procedures. Implements the working knowledge to increase CSF Manila on time delivery, profitability, and quality;

3. Establishes and implements accurate reporting methods regarding time spent on projects/task within each given project per both project teams, and individual employees – including record of how the project progress and what problems encountered – through the use of “Job Progress/Closing Report”. Ensures accuracy of information reported to the SVP;

4. Follows strictly and implements the Production Project Flow to ensure efficiency. Processes, coordinates and disseminates all project information to all concerned staff and departments. Reviews RFIs and their Responses, BFA Returns, Design Revisions that impacts Project Scope and submits change order to the Change Order Manager (COM), as necessary.

5. Keeps open communication with US Project Managers and other personnel as required, on all project issues to ensure project instructions are followed and implemented.

6. Reviews Submittal Package prior to sending to Approval or Fabrication to US, to ensure all requirements are complete and information are accurate and completely incorporated.

7. Supervises directly all Production Support Staff under his/her team. Supervision includes, but is not limited to: monitor daily workload assignments and accomplishments, ensure staff strictly follows Production Project Flow, reviews written records of conversation, disciplinary actions and recommends promotion of staff;

8. Works directly with the SVP to determine productivity challenges, whether that be individual employees, areas of team knowledge, or efficiency problems within specific job titles;

9. Provides direction/recommendation to Technology Manager with regard to specific tasks/employees to focus in the training area on any technology being used in Production in order to make the most impact to the overall productivity of the staff;

10. Provides written recommendations to the SVP regarding productivity deficiencies;

11. Attends BIM coordination meetings with BIM Manager, client and other parties involved with BIM coordination as necessary; and

12. Performs other related tasks that may be assigned by the VP for Production.

Job Specifications

    • Education Requirements

Graduate of BS - Engineering or BS – Architecture; Licensed Engineer or Architect preferred, and a holder of Master in Engineering or Master in Management is a plus.

    • Work Experience

At least five (4) years in Steel Detailing, holding managerial position

    • Knowledge and Skills

Management Skills - Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling; Conceptualization
Skill, People Skill

    • Traits

Good Manager and Leader, has Integrity, Firm, Just