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Production Project Control Associate 1

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

A. Production

1. Downloads and organizes documents from CSF US FTP and/or Client FTP / Boxnet, Dropbox or other Cloud-based locations; files, maintains logs in Fabsuite and keeps an updated Contract Drawing folder per ASI’s, Addendum, Bulletins and other contract drawings as instructed;

2. Maintains the updated Contract Drawings and Coordination Drawings with Drawing logs @ CSF US FTP, Fabsuite and Procore.
3. Downloads, files and maintains drawings logs in excel and Fabsuite and Procore of all Drawings for Approval, Approval Returns, Fabrication and Coordination Drawings; prints drawings as instructed;
4. Processes drawing submittals to be sent to the US; ensure completeness of the package per submittal checklist; and signs off submittal checklist;
5. Writes notification email regarding the package that are sent to the US; ensures that all the correspondents are included in the email for specific projects; and updates Fabsuite and Procore every submittal;
6. Maintains Fabsuite and/or Procore RFI folders as instructed; logs and files responses and generates RFI Logs as instructed;
7. Maintains required ISO documentation for the assigned projects;
8. Prints all correspondence between the US Office and Manila Office as instructed;
9. Does anything required to ensure Administrative Assistant position’s purpose is met; and
10. Performs other related tasks that may be assigned

Job Specifications

    • Education Requirements

Graduate of BS - Management, BS - Computer Science and other related courses

    • Work Experience

At least one (1) year of work experience in the related field is required

    • Knowledge and Skills

Records Management, Documentation, Database, Administrative, Microsoft (Word, Excel and other programs)

    • Traits

Honest, SmartWorker, Team Player, Positive Attitude, has Values