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Crystal Steel is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Specific Duties and Responsibilities

1. Writing code and implementing computer programs on multiple systems in the business

2. Building and using computer-assisted software engineering tools to automate some coding

3. Performing all requirements needed for the implementation of automated computer systems from start to finish

4. Using code libraries to simplify the writing of code

5. Collaborating with software developers in the creation of programs for their organization

6. Work with executives and other business leaders to identify opportunities for improvement

7. Create reports for internal teams and/or external clients

8. Collaborate with team members to collect and analyze data

9. Use graphs, infographics and other methods to visualize data

10. Establish KPIs to measure the effectiveness of business decisions

11. Structure large data sets to find usable information

12. Work with a team of analysts and other associates to process information

13. Create presentations and reports based on recommendations and findings

Job Specifications

1. Python, C#.Net, SQL, Crystal Reports and experience with other business software to handle schedule and other programming tasks

2. Website Development Tools (e.g. WIX, Google Analytics and etc.)

3. Excellent Microsoft Excel Formulation

4. Strong knowledge in Google APIs

5. Excellent written communication

6. Strong quantitative skills

7. Some fabrication, manufacturing, or construction experience preferred

8. Ability to read structural and architectural drawings is a plus